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What do you do when you need photos in more than one place?

The challenge of needing photos in more than one location

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The challenge of needing photos in more than one location


Getting a photo when you need it is easy when you have a photographer there to take the shot.  But as you well know, geographically that is an impossible mission.  The clear cut truth about commercial photography is that you are not paying for the photograph, you are paying for the time it takes to get the photographer to the right location.

This week a customer asked us for photos in Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, Boston, NYC and Chicago.  In yesterday’s world, the customer hoped to have or know an available photographer in those cities.  But the notion that a photographer in any of those cities is even remotely close to where you need a photo is doubtful too.  So it was only a chance of luck that you could find a photographer in the right place.  But for a moment, follow the old business process because it was much more precarious as some of you well know.

  1. You have to find a photographer in all the different locations.
  2. You have a need, you have to describe it and repeat your specific need to each photographer to get what you want.  In a sense you have to train every photographer to understand your specific OOH needs. 
  3. You are paying for the photographer’s expertise, equipment, cost of doing business, scheduling, travel time, etc.
  4. You have to negotiate, schedule and communicate with each and every photographer.
  5. You have to negotiate copyright permissions for the uses you wish.
  6. You have to collect large files from the photographer via Wetransfer, Google share or another method.
  7. You have to store, distribute and create a file system for accessing the photos for you, your staff and your customers.
  8. You have to edit the photos to best suit your needs.

By the time you follow through this process, the photos cost more than they are worth.  Your time has been wasted and you have likely underperformed. 

FotoFetch has completely upended the old process and all the inefficiencies. 

FotoFetch represents the enterprise solution to your need for photos. 

We link communication, speed and ease into one package that is redefining the commercial photography industry.  Not only can we get all the photos requested at a good price, we deliver all of your needs in terms of copyrights and file organization.  We provide an ongoing database of your photos which you can download and share without any of the issues of emailing or sharing large files.  FotoFetch = Quality, Cost, Speed and Ease.

About FotoFetch
FotoFetch, a Nevada Corporation is combining technology and evolving commercial photography solutions into an on-demand photography source for anywhere in the world.


Gary Bamesberger is a Co-Founder of FotoFetch.








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  1. Rick Robinson this is such a no brainer for getting fabulous or just POP photos. When I think of all the time I spent risking my life pulling over or slowing down on the interstate to take a great photo. I learned to take great photos but the effort and time elements could have been with family or hell selling more billboards. Getting the right direction, the corrected position of the sun. Waiting for traffic and rush hour. God what a headache. For the money ForoFetch is an absolute no brainer.

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