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We have been Preaching Social Distancing for Years

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We have been Preaching Social Distancing for Years


By: PJ Pedroni,
VP of OOH Solutions, OutdoorLink



Writing this hunkered down with my new (temporary) office-mates from the SmartCave, the west coast annex of our Huntsville operation, prepared to outwit and outlast the COVID 19 pandemic.  Like everyone else, I have been looking for ways to find a sense of normalcy (and humor) through this by staying regimented with my routine.

The new office-mates provide challenges in staying on task. At times, they pepper me with questions about 2nd grade math or task me with making grilled cheese sandwiches for the whole office. My common response is “Hey, your mom doesn’t work here!”  They quickly clap back with “No, but our Dad does!!” Well played… I’ll get the bread!

Washington State was early in on the “Shut in to Shut down” campaign. So, we have been at this a few days longer than most.  What keeps me from having to make cameos in TikTok videos and nightly appearances at online happy hours? My saving grace through all of this has been our customers!

While many of us are adjusting to Virtual Hangouts and Social Distancing, you might think that things have slowed down in terms of contact with our partners.  In fact, it has been the opposite.  Remember, we at OutdoorLink started the distancing trend by giving your Billboard structures a voice and the ability to connect from afar years ago! Remote monitoring, schedule management and operational efficiency are the pillars that SmartLink stands on.  Today, more than ever, those things have become critical in the eyes of our operators.

As most #OOH companies are being deemed “Essential Businesses”, our partners seem to be finding ways to operate smarter (no pun intended).  The most common theme that we are seeing with our customers is remembering that they can easily adjust their lighting schedules in real time from the comforts of whatever bunker they find themselves in.

Daily we are hearing about and aiding our customers to make changes based on any number of good reasons. Turning off lights for unsold inventory or PSA copy has been the most common and the quickest way to save money.

The biggest relief is that through all of this, we are blessed to work in the industry we do, with all of the incredible partners we have. It’s been comforting to help our friends by doing whatever we can to maximize operational efficiencies and by keeping them connected to their structures. We will all get through this, the way we began… Together!

Stay Healthy Friends!

PJ Pedroni
VP of OOH Solutions



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