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Vistar Launches Measurement Suite for DOOH in Australia

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Vistar Launches Measurement Suite for DOOH in Australia

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of programmatic technology for digital out-of-home (DOOH), provides a full suite of measurement capabilities for programmatic OOH campaigns.

The Vistar measurement suite includes studies that align with a range of brand KPIs, evaluating the impact of DOOH campaigns on upper and lower funnel metrics. Capabilities available include:

  • Opportunity to See (OTS): An OTS study measures lift in brand metrics such as awareness, consideration and consumer intent by comparing results across a control and test group where media DOOH media is live.
  • Market Pulse: A market pulse study provides marketers with an understanding of overall brand health in the markets where DOOH campaigns are live.
  • Foot Traffic Lift: Vistar’s foot traffic studies measure lift in visits to a brand’s brick-and-mortar locations driven by DOOH campaign exposure.
  • Device ID Passback: Vistar can identify consumers exposed to a DOOH campaign and pass back device IDs for use in retargeting across other channels (mobile, display, CTV, etc.) or in-house and third-party attribution measurement.

Vistar’s foot traffic offering is powered by a partnership with Lifesight, a leading customer intelligence company that helps the world’s largest brands and enterprises optimize marketing spend, make better decisions and enhance customer experience. Lifesight helps marketers by  focusing  on real world intelligence where they collect, enrich and combine diverse data sets to help brands and enterprises understand physical world consumers.

“Measurement solutions for programmatic OOH campaigns show us the holistic impact of our buy across different venue types and media providers, allowing us to prove ROI, optimize spend and plan more intelligently for future strategies,” said Luke Fitzpatrick, Head of Client Advisory at Matterkind Melbourne. “Vistar’s full suite of measurement capabilities provides clients the tools needed to connect programmatic OOH to the real-world metrics that matter to brands.”

Brands such as Dulux, Kmart, SpecSavers and Tourism Tasmania have already leveraged Vistar’s measurement suite to evaluate the impact of programmatic OOH campaigns, generating insights about ROI and learnings for future campaign optimization.

The release of full-suite measurement capabilities is the latest in a series of growth initiatives from Vistar in the Australia and New Zealand marketplaces. For more information about Vistar, please direct inquiries to info@vistarmedia.com.


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