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Vimeo Holds OOH Conversations to Direct Audience to Online

'Capturing the Spirit and Humor of Vimeo'

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Vimeo’s New Campaign Includes OOH

Promising “Vimeo can help*,” (“*with your videos”) the video-sharing platform is targeting companies which recognize the vigorous video demand and their efforts to create more in-house video. Vimeo is spending between $10 and $15 million to reach those producers behind the camera.

With revenues up 28% in Q4 over last year to $44.2 million and subscriptions up 9% nearing one million, per the Wall Street Journal, Vimeo is reinvesting ad dollars to capitalize on the growing need by marketers for video by offering their services.

Over the last several years, Outdoor Advertising has noticeably benefited from tech companies increased spending in #OOH to drive traffic to their platforms and promoting new messages. It appears Outdoor is being similarly tapped by Vimeo’s campaign, activating conversation across multiple channels and connecting their audiences both online and offline.

The campaign is created by ad agency, Fig.  Don’t miss out on the viewing the videos. 

See the rest of the videos and OOH ads are below and here⇒ Vimeo Can Help With Everything 







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  1. Patsy says

    Great campaign in the Bay! Fresh set of colors for the city

  2. Jean-Paul Gedeon says

    Clever executions

  3. Bill Board says

    We love the buying in tech has embraced with OOH. And obviously, it works for their strategies.

  4. Bill Board says

    We love ’em too Patsy. Thank you for your comments.

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