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Vegas sky lights up in neon green for Xbox

The MSG Sphere and BCN Visuals, the pioneer in 3D anamorphic content

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Lina Maggi

Written by: Lina Maggi, Vice President of Partnerships & Head of OOH, BCN Visuals

Las Vegas – a vibrant urban playground that thrives around the clock, a desert oasis renowned for its 24/7 energy, where you can experience the thrill of fortune and world-class entertainment, has just added another jewel to its crown – the MSG Sphere. This billion dollar venue, unveiled earlier this year captures the very essence of Las Vegas and serves as a global hub for world-class entertainment. Not only is it a sight to behold, wrapped in a 16k resolution mesh screen and boasting the highest-resolution LED screen globally, but it also provides an unparalleled canvas for brands, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible creatively.

The MSG Sphere sets a new standard for immersive experiences, both inside the venue and the Exosphere, showcasing the city’s relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries of entertainment and continuing to welcome visitors from all over the globe. Las Vegas has proven to be a Times Square of the West – not only are events like CES, AWS, Formula 1 and Super Bowl going to draw millions of attendees to the city, but from an OOH standpoint, a new full-motion spectacular screen is popping up every month, with the ability to deliver amazing content for brands looking to make an impact with their audiences. 

One of the remarkable aspects of the MSG Sphere is its state-of-the-art technology. As the largest spherical structure in the world, this colossal canvas allows for breathtaking visuals, as seen from the streets and airplanes landing at the nearby airport. The combination of these cutting-edge technologies makes every event at the Sphere a sensory masterpiece, as most recently shown by the sold out U2 concerts, which opened earlier this month.

With that, the MSG Sphere was the perfect canvas to showcase a world-renowned and loved brand – Xbox. The brand reached out to BCN Visuals, the pioneer in 3D anamorphic content, earlier this year and tasked them with delivering a show-stopping, first-to-market 3D anamorphic campaign the week leading up to TwitchCon, a gaming convention for the live streaming video platform Twitch. After months and months of revisions between Xbox and the BCN Visuals team, the campaign was ready to go live.

On Thursday Oct 19th, at 7pm the Vegas sky was illuminated by the Xbox neon green Nexus and was nothing short of spectacular. Twitchcon attendees, Vegas visitors, and social media users around the world were treated to an immersive display of Xbox’s iconic characters and IPs, showcasing the brands, all rendered in neon-green brilliance. The Sphere’s immersive technology, combined with BCN Visuals’ creative prowess, brought the virtual worlds of gaming to life in a way that was simply unparalleled. It was a moment that perfectly epitomized the limitless possibilities the MSG Sphere offers for creative expression.

With BCN Visuals’ award-winning 3D anamorphic graphics and creative vision combined with the capabilities of the instantly iconic MSG Sphere, the partnership promises to leave an indelible mark on audiences around the world.

About BCN Visuals 

BCN Visuals is an award-winning innovation technology company and global production partner that pioneered the 3D Anamorphic Billboard. Collaborating with brands and agencies wanting to leave an indelible mark, they live & thrive at the intersection of narrative and technology. Blurring the line between storytelling and interaction, BCN Visuals emerges with a new form of immersive entertainment that delivers meaningful shared experiences transcending cultural constraints or geographical boundaries. For more information, check out our website: www.bcnvisuals.com or reach out at contact@bcnvisuals.com.


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