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Truck-side Ads Bring Holiday Messages Home

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Truck-side ads brings holiday messages home

For months, we’ve been watching it happen. Plans for events and gatherings have been going up in smoke, or at best, shifting to the online world. So it’s easy to predict that people will be celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year Eve at home this year. So what does this mean for advertisers?

This radical shift in where ads are being – and will continue to be – viewed poses a potential threat to boosting sales in the last quarter. Not to mention that consumers are still opting to search the web over in-person shopping in order to track down the latest trend, or to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. Just this past April and May, US e-commerce sales were 7% higher than during the 2019 holiday season. Even some of the country’s major retailers including Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Best Buy have already announced their plans to close their brick-and-mortar stores on Thanksgiving Day because of the pandemic. Consumers no longer have festive OOH billboards and mall displays to inform them of what’s out there. So what’s left to  reach consumers in a BIG way right now? Moving OOH media.

More specifically, we’re talking about larger-than-life OOH mobile billboards that can deliver a brand’s holiday-themed message right to consumers’ doorsteps in otherwise hard-to-reach residential and suburban areas.  Once blank trucksides, these moving messages have the ability to captivate large audiences wherever they may be: on the road, out-and-about, and ironically, in their homes.

Not only does dominating a fleet of trucks help attain top-of-mind consumer awareness this upcoming holiday season, it signals that your business is booming and busier than ever.

Party City’s Halloween Creative

Many news sources are saying that this Halloween will be the worst on record, with a big decline in traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating. Fortunately, while door-to-door visits may be out for the kids, it’s still in for delivery trucks.

A great example of a brand that used trucks to their advantage last year is Party City. Two weeks prior to October 31st, they launched two mobile billboards which were driven around high-traffic areas and their own retail locations, Party City’s simple black and orange design could be seen blitzing the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, getting everyone thinking about Party City as the place to go for Halloween attire.  

Cadbury’s Advent Calendar Countdown

One of the best things leading up to Christmas is waking up every morning to open a chocolate advent calendar. To make sure that people were buying Cadbury chocolates during the holidays and taking their part in counting down to Christmas, the brand launched 24 3-D wrapped trucks — each with a different number on it. When placed all together, the trucks looked like an advent calendar from above! Needless to say, Cadbury successfully covered a lot of ground and delivered joy to every onlooker with their fleet of festive trucks – getting people not only excited about Christmas, but also about Cadbury.

Purolator creates mobile quick stop service

Purolator is another brand that found a clever way to use mobile ads – and their trucks ­– to their unique advantage. Launching ten trucks in four of Canada’s busiest cities close to Christmas time, they offered them up as a pick-up spot for remote customers who couldn’t get their packages delivered to their door. The stops were placed near homes and offices, and were open on evenings to provide maximum accessibility. By finding a new way to utilize the asset of their trucks, Purolater was able to provide an exceptional customer experience during the holiday season.

Purolator’s new Mobile Quick Stop service – the first of its kind in Canada – operates as a convenient package pickup spot for customers, Monday to Friday from 3 to 8 p.m. Greater Toronto Area locations: Scarborough GO Station; 410 Taunton Road W., Whitby; 30 Fraser Ave., Toronto and One York, 110 Harbour St., Toronto (1 to 8 p.m., kiosk). (CNW Group/Purolator Inc.)

With truck-side ads that can deliver holiday messages to where people will actually be this year, marketing strategies don’t have to be compromised. Out of all the OOH advertising mediums, truck-side billboards are the most adaptable. They can go wherever they’re needed most, including those cozy neighborhood streets where families and friends will be sure to see them –as they enjoy what will no doubt be a very different holiday season.

A Message from Movia Media


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