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To Go Where Other OOH Ads Cannot

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To go where other ads can’t – that’s our Mobile OOH mission


Truck-side mobile billboards have lots of advantages, but their special power is that they can go where traditional OOH media can’t. From popular neighborhoods to rural roads, urban centers and parks to iconic landmarks, and grocery stores to gas stations, mobile billboards are incredibly nimble and efficient brand messengers.




They are also powerful ones: did you know that a vehicle wrap generates an impressive 30,000-90,000 daily impressions? On top of this vast reach to targeted audiences, Mobile OOH is also highly adaptable, fitting easily into a multimedia mix. Their ability to appear at customer touchpoints makes the messages they carry, and the brands that deliver them, many times more meaningful. 

It can be difficult to grasp how one truck can deliver all these superior benefits in just one day, which is why Movia, a truck-side advertising company, decided to leverage their unique onboard beacon technology to track several of its mobile billboards on the road.

Depending on its delivery route, the mobile billboards can travel through suburban neighborhoods, business districts, and food service delivery stops – reaching a vast range of targeted audiences. Here’s what a typical day looks like for a Movia mobile billboard truck:

A Day In The Life Of A Mobile Billboard Advertisement

For a fairly general route, a truck driver will start their day off by loading up their delivery truck. For some, this may be a reefer truck carrying frozen grocery items. For others, this may be a box truck carrying retail inventory. Nonetheless, each truck is transformed into a larger-than-life 3D mobile billboard.

Our first stop? The gas station. Commanding attention from every direction, fellow drivers can’t help but be captivated by the bold, creative ad — some even come up to the driver and compliment his truck, while others ask him about the campaign. In fact, 98% of in-car passengers notice the truck-side ad. And according to the Transportation Advertising Council, 97% of consumers will recall the ad later on. Besides drivers, pedestrians — who recognize the brand — are also intrigued. They often inquire about the ad and ask for more information. The driver is more than happy to flaunt his truck and the advertisement on it, becoming a brand ambassador himself.

Once on the road, the colorful truck distinguishes itself from the rest of the crowd and can be seen from miles away. For delivery routes around residential areas, the truck may pass by parks, schools, and local neighborhoods, stopping at the end of a cul de sac, where neighbors can strike up a friendly conversation with the driver about the campaign.

For B2B deliveries, a truck will pass through busy intersections, take highways, and arrive in downtown cores – giving the driver a chance to interact with any number of existing customers and provide custom flyer giveaways. For food service deliveries, the truck driver has the opportunity to engage with existing customers like bar owners and grocery store managers about their ad and provide them with ample information in order to sell that new food or beverage item. More generally, any truck driver may take several pit stops for a lunch break, coffee break, and more gas throughout the day – allowing them more opportunities to interact with people.

Considering its extensive route coverage, it comes as no surprise that mobile billboards effortlessly deliver lasting targeted impressions and build audiences for brands. Mobile OOH is an unmatched creative space, especially during this time when people are scattered everywhere due to social distancing. The reality is, wherever people are, that’s where mobile billboards can go.

advertorial from Movia Media



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