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Time to Break Up With Your Couch: DPAA —Brands, DOOH, and Consumers Embracing 2021’s Spring Awakening via Clubhouse

After a Year of Staying at Home

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Paul Woolmington, center of group


Time to Break Up With Your Couch:
DPAA Helps Brands, DOOH, and Consumers Embrace 2021’s Spring Awakening via Clubhouse


Association hosts industry’s first discussion on Clubhouse Platform on Cinema and Consumers coming out with ad leaders Screenvision and Canvas Worldwide


NEW YORK, – DPAA, the leading global trade marketing association connecting Out-of-Home (OOH) media with the advertising community while moving OOH to digital, announced today the association and Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) industry’s first Clubhouse Chat set for April 20 at 4pm Eastern Time.

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The session titled “Time to Break Up with Your Couch and Tell Your TV You Need to Start Seeing Other People,” will take a look at what many are calling a “spring revival” for DOOH with consumers leaving their homes as lockdown orders are relaxed. The Clubhouse community is an eclectic one of thought leaders, innovators and interesting people.

“Connecting is part of our DNA at DPAA and Clubhouse is the latest platform that enables connections between interesting people and their stories,” said Barry Frey, President and CEO of DPAA. “This will be the first Clubhouse on DOOH and will give provide the community with interesting content and a chance for the industry to connect with consumers of our medium.”

Participants in the discussion will include Barry Frey, CEO, DPAA; Paul Woolmington, CEO of Canvas Worldwide; and John Partilla, CEO of Screenvision Media. Canvas is the media agency for brands such as Hyundai, Kia, Heineken, McDonald’s MGM, and many others. Screenvision Media is a premier cinema, video, and media organization that curates powerful and uncluttered storytelling for brands, exhibitors and audiences and movie theaters nationwide. Partilla is also a member of the DPAA Board of Directors.

’meet the new boss, same as the old boss’

John Partilla

“In the words of The Who….’meet the new boss, same as the old boss’ – despite an incredible year of turmoil and change, the consumer is still boss,” adds Partilla. “We saw shifting slates, changing theatrical windows, experimentation with streaming and yet, moviegoers still came out in droves to see Godzilla vs. Kong. Once again, we saw that you only need to look at consumer behavior to see where the trends are headed. And they clearly point to a return to the movies and other sectors. It’s why we are so optimistic for the months ahead.”

“In-person experiences and the memories they create have a very complex impact on communications, which is why digital marketing – which has proven to be so valuable – should be supplemented with richer communications in our physical world as well,” said Woolmington. “The solution will require marketers to make a deep, emotional connection with consumers through new, unforgettable human-centric interactions.”

Frey, Woolmington, and Partilla are well known names in advertising and plan to take wholistic approach to the topic. They will discuss everything from cinemas reopening, people enjoy the movies again, to return of business power lunches and how consumers will process these and other real life experiences after a year of stay at home and video conferencing.

Clubhouse is available on the IOS platform, to listen to this session you can download the app here.

About DPAA

DPAA is the leading global trade marketing association connecting Out-of-Home media with the advertising while moving OOH to digital. Membership in the DPAA community brings many business acceleration benefits, including a wide array of products. The association’s DEI Board participates in internships, mentorships and educational programs. DPAA also offers members an extensive database of research, best practices and case studies; tools for planning, training and forecasting; social media amplification of news; insights on software and hardware solutions; further integration into the advertising ecosystem as part of the video everywhere and marketing campaign; and more.



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