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This Week’s OOH Networking Happy Hour #7 Registration is Here

Join us. Register below to share Topics and opportunity for free OOH Today Ad

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OOH Networking Happy Hour #7 Registration


Geopath & OOH Today —
Virtual OOH Happy Hour and Networking Event VI

Last week was one of the best Networking Happy Hours held to date.  Participation was high as more people shared their ideas. Cowboy hats were the theme of the evening.


Kym Frank, Geopath President, kept the event lively by posting polling questions in chat with instant results.

Here were two questions which were polled of the participants during the Networking Event.

  1. What is the Holy Grail for OOH?
  2. What do we need to change in OOH in order to prosper coming of the COVID -19 Crisis?

The answers, probably not surprising, are below.

 In Networking event #5, secret word/prize winner, Mary Perrella, Director of Media Sales for Vengo Labs, said the secret word, ‘GeekOut’ near the end of the hour and won the 728 x 90 pixel sized banner ad in OOH Today. It is currently on display.


Bill Board once again offered to give away space in his newsletter/website, to the person who was the first to mention the secret word of the day. No one said it, so this week OOH Today will have 2 new secret words, related to OOH of course, and who ever is the first to say it during the Zoom get together, wins a classified ad listing.  There will be two (2) new secret words for this Thursday’s Event and the prize of one Classified ad for the first person to say it will be given away. Should be 2 winners this week. Join us. Register below.



Please join us for the 7th consecutive Virtual OOH Happy Hour and Networking Event.

You never know who you’ll meet or what will be said. Register below.

Please make sure your camera is enabled on your phone and/or computer.
There’s a 300 person limit.


Thursday May 21, 2020 05:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.
See and speak with you tomorrow!


Kym Frank,
President, Geopath

William Board
Publisher, OOH Today


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