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This Podcast Offers A Can’t Miss Solution for OOH Companies to Make Sales Today

The solution OOH Providers should take today to save their sales for the next 2 to 3 months, the year and your business! 

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OOH Futures
A solution to save the OOH Industry by generating sales now !


The Board Members like this idea so much, after the recording was shut off, we actually discussed if it was too good an idea to share.  Then we agreed, this is why we are doing the podcast: For the good of the OOH Industry. 

This may be our best ideation podcast to date. No hype here.  We debate one awesome idea which may be your solution as an OOH Owner to start making significant sales today.

a can’t miss sales solution OOH Providers should take today to save their sales for the next 2 to 3 months, the year and maybe your business! 

Listen to the Board of Directors Todd Hansen, Jeff Joaquin, Jack Sullivan and Daniel Wilkins comments on what maybe a can’t miss sales solution OOH Providers should take today to save their sales for the next 2 to 3 months, the year and maybe your business!    

The Board Room 
OOH Experts / Board Members:

Todd Hansen, President, Sun Outdoor
Jeff Joaquin, Co-founder President. Marquee Media
Daniel Wilkins, Owner & President, Agency 672
Jack Sullivan, OOH Media Professional, Consultant and Adviser
Moderator: Brent Baer,  Publisher, OOH Today

Podcast #  —  23 minutes —Click the orange circle/white arrow below to listen

Todd Hansen
Jeff Joaquin
Jack Sullivan
Daniel Wilkins





Start at 2 min 30 secs if you want to skip the intros and get right to the discussion!


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  1. Al P says

    Good morning. I just listened to the “Billboard Futures” podcast. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Payment now for pricing at $0.50 dollars in future space is a “Hail Mary” effort in my view. I would only suggest that small, cash strapped companies use this tactic. The Big Question that nobody can answer is when does the “Lock Down” end? Once there is traffic back on the road, billboard salespeople can go back to selling billboards the way they have for 75 years. If you have space, drop your rates to fill the space. There are advertisers who will buy Outdoor for a good deal, but they have to reach an audience. Right now, I have no idea how to sell billboards when the value of those boards has been diminished by 80%+ in the last 10 days in nearly every major US city and any state that has shelter in place rules in effect. How can anyone sell NYC, DC or CHI Subways when nobody is on the subway?

    Trump is saying churches will be packed on Easter. As we both know, he is full of it. But I can’t imagine a more fun time to sell Outdoor when people get back on the road. Any deal you make is a good deal! Rates will take a short term hit, but the prime inventory won’t go cheap for long.

    ~~I would invoice for both months at 50%.
    ~~OUTFRONT is hurting—BIG TIME! Their stock was trading near $31 less than a month ago. Last Friday, it was down to $7.31, but since has rebounded to $12. That is a loss of over 60% in less than a month. All the OOH publicly traded companies are in the tank. I don’t think any of them will be able to match last year’s numbers. It’s simple math. Great growth for an established billboard company is 6% to 8% annually. They are going to lose at least 8 weeks of prime selling season due to the pandemic. That’s 16% of the year. Are they going to grow revenue by 20% in the remaining months when there is traffic back on the road? NO WAY!! I’m sure most industry experts are predicting depressed rates as we come out of the coronavirus meltdown.

    If I was top management at any of the Big 3, I would rework budgets for every manager and AE to give them a realistic shot at achieving a bonus or increased commission by reaching their Coronavirus Budget. Nobody is going to make 2020 budgets that were calculated in 4th Quarter of 2019. If they want their sales teams to keep hustling, they need to give them realistic new goals. Otherwise, just write off 2020 because the sales team doesn’t stand a chance to hit their budgets.

    Enough….sorry for the rant!

  2. Bill Board says

    If it was a rant we love it! Thank you, Al P. Great observations and strong points. You covered a lot of relevant ground. We appreciate you listening to our podcast and offering insightful analysis. You obviously know OOH and that is appreciated by myself and the ‘board of directors’ knowing a person of top caliber whomever you are, is following us.
    Thank you.

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