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This OOH Campaign Will Ruin Your Favorite Netflix Shows

Stay the F_ Home

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This OOH Campaign Will Ruin Your
Favorite Netflix Shows


There are still people out there who are not heeding the shelter in place directives and ‘going out’. This Netflix OOH campaign is created and planned to discourage people from gathering by posting OOH filled with spoilers from Netflix Originals.  The Netflix shows with spoilers include “Narcos”, “Stranger Things” and “Love Is Blind.” 

Here is short video demonstrating the unique creative use of OOH during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is a campaign which has not hit the streets created by the Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg, Germany.  Art Director, Seine Kongruangkit and Copywriter, Matithorn Prachuabmoh Chaimoungkalo.

“If the virus doesn’t stop you from going out, these spoilers will.”

This is a great example of out of the box thinking to make OOH attractive in this Coronavirus Economy. 

Check out the 46 second video 

[Warning: Language and spoiler content]





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  1. Gino Sesto says

    Okay this is just brilliant!

  2. Bill Board says

    Yes we agree Gino Sesto. And we believe it proves, despite the fact the traffic counts in every market in the county has dwindled to catastrophic totals, there are a few stragglers out there who are missing the message, and this campaign might reach. This is a fun perhaps expensive CPM plan to deliver the message. Stay the F Home! Here is an interesting thought Gino Sesto, the CPM on this would be with out argument over the top. But if it ran, and it did not, but if it ran, wouldn’t a more fundamental measurement take importance being that of saving a few lives? How would your team measure that value at Dash Two? Thank you for your comments.