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This McDonald’s Creative is an Impressive First

McDonald's and DDB Stunning Originality in 2 Billboard Designs.

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The intention of celebrating 30 years in Hungary and directing traffic to stores, McDonald’s and DDB Budapest created a work of stunning originality with two unique billboard designs. I think it’s a first, at least for me, in artistic execution.

For now, we can only put our hands on the creative and not photos of the actual Out of Home displays, (photos of the actual OOH is our rule).  The campaign’s creative is a long-term photo exposure of vehicle lights from street traffic depicting McD’s two iconic products, burger and fries. The burger is not as easy to visualize as the fries are. Check out the fries first, then viewing the image of the burger becomes somewhat easier to imagine.

Is this Obie grade material? What do you think?


Read more at Budapest Micky D’s




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