MN Vike Hyvee entire night

Not so fast Vikings Fans!  The Minnesota Vikings are still in the hunt for the Super Bowl.  But I wonder if this year they were outplayed by the Kansas City Chiefs when it comes to their similar football themed design?   Just when we thought the Minnesota Viking Hy-Vee Billboard was the only score this year. The Kansas City Chiefs and Hy-Vee put points on the ‘boards’.  KC Chiefs Scores OOH Touchdown!

Great work by the ad agency with both creatives and executions,  Meyocks.

Imagine the possibilities of college designs within the Hy-Vee footprint. Iowa State, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Illinois.  Are we missing anyone?

Is it just me, or does the KC football look larger than Minnesota’s?  If you must select one creative over the other, who wins?  Vikes? or Chiefs?

KC Chief HyVee football

MN Hyvee Football