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President Trump’s Nations ‘less than Pleasant’ Comments Stir Outdoor Fund

Spec Art and Advertising Budget Developed

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Speculative art of how the message would look in 672 square feet.

You have heard or read the comments President Trump made referring to certain nations, including Haiti, as “sh..holes” .  The unfortunate language provoked widespread anger and outrage.I wouldn’t be happy if I lived in one of the countries The Don referenced.  Does anyone still call him The Don?   An advertising agency creative director in Haiti, has created speculative art with an amusing and certainly entertaining response, and is raising money to for an out-of-home and print campaign in Washington, D.C

Fabien Dodard, a creative director at Parkour Studio, has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise cash to run “sh..hole” themed ads for Haiti in the DC. He has set a lofty goal of $40,000 and to date has raised a little over $2,000. Dodard says he would “like to have a billboard up by next week while the topic is hot.” Interesting choice of word.

Dodard correctly estimates space cost for a wall Downtown DC, budgeting upwards to $15,000, for a single 4 week period. But who is going to accept the business with that copy? I would suggest OOH owner operators not reserve or hold space.

For more ‘fun’ photos/creative and to read the full story from AdWeek click→ #LoveHaiti

Taking a bus shelter to a new depth


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  1. J Farmer says

    I respectfully disagree. Who WOULDNT accept business with the Haiti S&@$hole copy? Be brave! The public wants/needs some reactive provocation. Back at ya!

  2. Bill Board says

    OOH owner operators face a great deal of scrutiny and pressure from the viewing public and their advertisers. Despite the fact Outdoor Advertising is protected with First Amendment rights, it would not be the first time ‘political fallout’ either influenced directly or indirectly acceptance of ‘controversial advertising copy. Bravery would be one option. Or discretion being the better part of valor, as another. We’ll see what the future brings on this story. Thank you for your comments.

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