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the 7th largest billboard company in the United States

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Lindmark Outdoor Media underwent a rebranding to The Lindmark Companies this year in order to more uniformly identify and encompass each of its divisions – Lindmark Billboards, Lindmark Ink, and now Lindmark Steel.  The purpose of integrating Lindmark Ink and Lindmark Steel was to control the quality of the services needed to make Lindmark Billboards one of the best out-of-home companies in the United States.  Lindmark had always used The Sign Company, owned by Woody Barnes, as the fabricator and installer of its billboards.  Over the past few years as Woody discussed retirement more and more often, Lindmark knew it had to step in to ensure that Woody passed on his unparalleled sign fabrication, erection, and installation knowledge, expertise, and experience before he steps away to enjoy full-time retirement.

Most billboard owners and operators have heard of Woody Barnes and The Sign Company.  Since the mid 1960’s, Woody has been fabricating, erecting, and installing signs, beginning with on-premises signs then shifting exclusively to off-premises signs.  Woody estimates that he has built more than 10,500 (and counting) signs in his career.  Think about and absorb that number for a second – he’s not talking about faces but about signs – then compare it to Lindmark Billboards which has over 6,800 faces and growing and is the 7th largest billboard company in the United States (by face count).

Trent Lindmark began working with Woody when Trent was still a teenager.  “When I first started building my own billboards, I would ride the billboard sites with Woody.  He’d point out details that I had never thought about, and he still does to this day.”  So, when Woody started talking more and more seriously about retirement, Trent couldn’t let Woody’s, and his highly skilled employees’, immense knowledge, expertise, and experience simply fade away, which is why he stepped in and purchased The Sign Company renaming it Lindmark Steel and elevated Woody to the position of Director of Organic Growth with The Lindmark Companies.

As Director of Organic Growth, Woody has begun downloading as much of his brain as possible to Lindmark Steel and to Lindmark Billboards.  And, Lindmark Steel will now be able to focus on meeting the serious demands Lindmark Billboards has been placing on it due to the hundreds of billboard sites Lindmark Billboards’ Organic Growth Team has identified and secured under lease or easement.  Woody couldn’t be happier with his new position at The Lindmark Companies, and he is also pleased all of his years of hard work at The Sign Company will be passed along to Trent.  “I couldn’t be more pleased that Trent bought The Sign Company, turned it into Lindmark Steel, and put me into a position at The Lindmark Companies so that I can continue mentoring him and as many others here as possible.  Now that I’m passing on the baton, I can’t wait to see how far and fast Trent runs with it.”

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