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The OOH Quote Today

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Eric Greenwald


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OOH Quote of the Day

The OOH Quote Today is selection of the best quote we heard or read today regarding the OOH Industry.

Eric Greenwald’s quote is the first recipient of OOH Today’s The OOH Quote Today and will be entered to the year’s end as a candidate as the best of 2021 The OOH Quote Today of the Year to be judged by OOH Today’s Board Room Members. Congrats Eric Grenwald.

Greenwald’s quote, in response to a post by Rick Robinson regarding the importance of great photos and OOH,

“look I know what the creative looks like… I sent it to you.”

For the context which today’s OOH Quote Today was said, here is the link ⇒https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6846149417863651328/ and the reply Greenwald shared below:  
‘Very true Rick .
As a former strategist, buyer and seller of OOH and DOOH, photos are key to “C” level comfort zones. While a lousy, untimely photo can ruin a great OOH asset, conversely a great environmental picture can neutralize skepticism and cynicism.
As a buyer I rode many markets often asking my agencies if they pre-rode or opted to bank on their vendor relationships and assume a solid representative showing. I won’t convey some of the answers in this comment :-).
As a seller I always asked for accountability requirements from a client on photos (due dates, % of photos, and definition) assuming my photos would work their way up the client’s food chain.
As a buyer I used to tease some OOH vendors/agencies when close-ups were sent to me and tell them…“look I know what the creative looks like… I sent it to you.”‘


Stellar Stuff Eric!  Thank you.

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