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The Mask Debate —YESCO Weighs In

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Photo The Vox Agency


The Mask Debate
—YESCO Weighs In


As the Nevada Governor mandated masks for state, the Las Vegas Strip’s Statue of Liberty, which sits outside the New York-New York Hotel and Casino, complied with assistance from YESCO. 




YESCO fitted ‘Libertas’ with a 50-square-foot mask with “Vegas Safely” written across the front. Made with adjustable straps, the mask was tightened on installation which took over 6 hours with a 4 man crew.


a message from Wrapify


“The install of the mask is a great way to remind residents and visitors in Las Vegas, that wearing a mask is mandatory,” said Jeff Young, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of YESCO. “We are proud to be part of this project.”


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  1. Shannon says

    Well done!

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