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The Grocery Store Outdoor Advertising Marriage is Not Over

Who are the grocery store winners are during the pandemic?

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The Grocery Store Outdoor Advertising Marriage is Not Over


The supermarket/grocery store is not dead as a category for Out of Home. It is in fact, a worthy candidate which OOH’s offerings allow both to excel in it’s respective strengths. You have to learn those strengths.  Read on.

The coronavirus pandemic has created some clear winners and losers for the grocery store business. Over all, traffic in stores experienced significant year-over-year growth leading into a huge peak in the second week of March.  But in the second week in April, traffic changed. Whole Foods saw a decline by more than 50% yr over yr and Trader Joe’s was hit hard as well in the same time period. Kroger and Albertsons  fared best. The source for this information is linked at the bottom of the page.  

Based on our extensive experience of successfully selling grocery stores over the years, here are more pointers they don’t teach anymore in selling billboards to the supermarket/grocery category. 

Why OOH and Supermarkets

1. Supermarkets’ Coop opportunities are perfect for OOH messaging, particularly digital displays. 

Cooperative advertising is more work than a typical sale and requires daily and weekly attention from everyone in the organization. Do not be defeated by lazy staff and managers in your organization. Understand your supermarket contact may not be willing to put in the work either. Understand how coop is a grocery marketing department’s profit center via newspaper, inserts and circulars. Use that knowledge to make the connection how billboards especially digital displays, can be the revenue stream as well.  It’s all up to you.

2. Geographic distribution or the proximity stores and thus where billboards draw customers, are self governed by strict nuances of distance, time and barriers to travel to specific stores.

Highways, Interstates, Bridges, neighborhoods all come into determination of what supermarkets are shopped in terms of proximity.  As important are value, convenience, cleanliness, and selection. Learn the trends of the grocery store business. 

Perfect Marriage

The marriage of OOH and Grocery stores is one made in heaven. It will take a greater effort to put your story together, use maps and spec creative to carry the day. Do your homework.

Start your homework here with who the grocery store winners are during the pandemic. Click the link here for Chain Store Age⇒ Kroger, Albertsons among grocery store winners during pandemic

Hint, don’t just call on the losers. Winners need to keep winning.  



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