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How To Use Google Trends to Maximize OOH Plans

Get Valuable Research for your OOH proposal

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diet subway poster NY yellow body Welcome to 2018 dear OOH friends!

The holidays are over.  We’ve all done our fair share contributing to the champagne industry’s 2017 profits.  As the clock ticked down, many of us set goals for ourselves on how we would like to improve our lives, eat better, exercise, make our bodies healthier, beach ready, and reduce our too-frequent use of four-letter-words…

…the often made and seldom kept New Year’s Resolution. 

According to a poll by YouGov, 2 out of 3 people in the US made a 2018 New Year’s Resolution.  The #1 resolution came in as a tie between “Eat Healthier” and “Get more exercise.”  Buying healthy foods and burning off those extra 2017 calories were the resolutions this year of 37% of the respondents.

Google offers a handy free tool called Google Trends.  Using this tool, you can see the relational volume of search queries for any topic over time.  A quick visit to Google Trends to see how search queries for the word “diet” are trending, we found  not surprisingly, all of those spikes you see are right around New Year’s Day…year after year, after year!

The states with the highest search volume for “diet” or the states with ‘good intentions’, this year are:
Good news, OOH!  According to Simmons, people who are trying to eat healthy are 12% more likely than the general population to say they have noticed OOH advertising in the last 30 days.  They are 21% more likely to say that advertising helps them learn about products.The state with the least queries was Hawaii.  New Jersey, California and Rhode Island are tied for #47.

3 out of 5 people say, they typically avoid watching TV commercials – making them 20% more likely to be TV ad avoiders than the average American.

Need more data how OOH targets a variety of categories including seasonal prospects? Dive into the research behind OOH measurement. Contact geekOUT@geopath.org.. Geopath will help you explore valuable insights to the OOH audience.

The data shows, OOH is a great solution to reach them while they are out and about…buying healthy foods and burning off those extra 2017 calories!

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