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The Cannabis Conundrum. How Some Brands Are Getting the Word Out

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Since cannabis first began to be legalized in many states, finding ways for this burgeoning industry to advertise has been tricky. Many limitations were immediately put into place, leaving brands, particularly on social media, as well as OOH, wondering how to appeal to their customers. To bridge the gap, brands have looked to alternative solutions. Among them are these two successful campaigns Movia provided for global giants Cookies and Leafythings.

In the case of Cookies, one of the largest recreational brands known worldwide, the campaign goal was to let people know about their newest store opening in Antioch, San Francisco. They partnered with Movia for their ability to nimbly target both specific geographical areas and demographics. A truck-side advertising campaign was carried out over 14 weeks with 5 trucks. In total, 35 million impressions were generated, helping drive the both the brand’s loyal customers, and new ones, to the store locations. The bright colors and unmissable announcement were on par with the brand’s bold personality, and meant that the message stood out as it passed both drivers and pedestrians in the immediate area.

Another successful campaign example is Movia’s collaboration with Leafythings. This online brand provides consumers with a large variety of different cannabis products, dispensaries in their area, and even educational resources.

Leafythings wanted to run a campaign in Toronto, a few years after cannabis was first legalized in Canada. This meant appealing to new cannabis users still deciding which brands they would place their loyalty with. With a goal was of driving traffic to their website, a six-week campaign was executed, including eight different trucks – four in Toronto and four in Vancouver. Using humor, the ad got cannabis users to draw their attention to the brand with a joke that references a famous strain of marijuana. In total, the campaign delivered 20 million impressions, helping the company reach both recreational and medicinal users with a smile.

Advertising in the cannabis space remains tricky, but with solutions like these, smart targeting and clever advertising is possible. And you need help navigating the waters, just ask our team at Movia, we can help get your brand on the road anywhere and everywhere!

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