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The Big Lie of Online Advertising

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Fundamentals for OOH sales people.  Understanding online ad fraud.

I don’t condone the OOH Industry slamming Online Advertising as a reason to buy Outdoor Advertising.  We should be selling the features and benefits of Out of Home.  Share the strengths of Outdoor Advertising, embrace our weaknesses. Transparency and truth in performance is fundamental for long term success.  The logic of  ‘buy by default’ is an ill suited proposition.  Don’t do it.

The logic of  ‘buy by default’ is an ill suited proposition.

It does not hurt to know the fundamentals of Online advertising.  This article – Business Insider on Ad Industry Living a Lie, provides insights of the digital online business. Its a quick read with good points. Worth your time. The biggest takeaway, planners and buyers of online advertising are not any where near as educated about Online as they should be.  “There is no basic internet knowledge among people funding the internet.”  Is this a surprise to anyone of us in OOH?

There may be no basic knowledge of the internet among the people who buy it because it may not be in the best interests of the the people who sell it to educate buyers.

As for OOH, we have good reason to educate. We have nothing to hide.

As a solution driven salesperson, the deeper your knowledge, the more effective your efforts. Learn the details of Ad Fraud and not just the headlines. You will be better equipped to help your customer. They don’t know, what it is, they don’t know.  Help them, help you.  Get your morning started right, click this to- Listen to Jerry Maguire!

Want to go long on Online Advertising fraud knowledge? Read this related article – Digital Advertising Ripping Off Ad Industry

Reported as big $ losers in online fraud, check out the brands below.

New Business Targets? Your next sales call.

100 advertisiers affected by online fraud

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