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The Argument for an OOH Industry-wide Visibility Adjustment Index

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There is a missing link in Programmatic Digital Out of Home:
The Neuron puts forward the argument for an industry-wide Visibility Adjustment Index

The Neuron, a leading global Digital Out of Home programmatic platform for Agencies and SMBs puts forward the argument for an industry-wide unified measurement index called the Visibility Adjustment Index (VAI) to rate the viewability of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) inventory.

With today’s state of the art DOOH technology, marketers and businesses can serve up targeted display advertising to a relevant audience in a defined location. But given no two roadside units are quite alike in terms of visibility and viewability, there is a missing link. The industry lacks a benchmark index to rate the overall viewability of digital inventory.

Not All Ads are Created Equal
The Neuron is calling for an industry-wide unified measurement to ensure that programmatic DOOH billboards display ads in a clean and unobstructed manner and that advertisers receive and understand exactly what they are paying for.

Called the Visibility Adjustment Index, the VAI would provide a standardized billboard index to rate the viewability of inventory globally. The VAI would not compete with audited impression numbers but will enhance and provide further explanation and confirmation to clients on what their advertising numbers really mean.

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Hussein Khader, the Founder of The Neuron commented:
“It is time that our industry recognized the brutal truth – not all Digital Out of Home screens can be considered equal. The goal of DOOH is to work for the client and for their ads to be seen. Our industry needs to provide an Index that enables that visibility. For too long, providers have hidden behind numbers that simply present and represent a small slice of the picture”.

By using an array of AI measurements to collect sightlines, Opportunity To See (OTS), distances, dwell time, lighting, angles of the screens, screen sizes and sound, the Index will provide buyers and clients alike with the certainty that their ads are actually being seen by their target audience.

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About The Neuron – Experts in Programmatic Digital Out of Home Advertising
Founded in 2020, The Neuron combines a programmatic DOOH DSP platform with premium inventory to enable agencies and SMB to buy, manage and plan their digital out of home advertising in real-time.

The Neuron has one sole focus: to provide their clients with data-led, cost-effective access to global premium inventory for OOH advertising. Their self-serve platform for SMBs coupled with tailored services for agencies help businesses integrate DOOH into their overall marketing campaign mix to drive leads and increase sales results. Visit www.theneuron.com

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  1. gideon adey says

    25 years after it’s introduction in UK #OOH audience measurement, and 14 after TAB – The Neuron, puts forward the argument for VAI to rate the viewability of #DOOH inventory…..

    Cutting edge!

  2. I wondered when someone was going to comment. Thank you Gideon Adey

  3. Kym Frank says

    I have to assume the author is talking about another country. We have used a VAI score in the US for over a decade on both traditional OOH and DOOH.

    Interestingly – it is already called a Visibility Adjustment Index as The Neuron suggests – even though neither what Neuron is recommending or what is used by Geopath is actually an “index” mathematically.

  4. You are much too kind Ms. Frank. Indeed the VAI has been a fixture of measurement in the OOH Industry for many years well over 10. We are surprised more comments beyond yours and Mr. Adey’s have not been made.

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