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OOH Word on the Street Today

Agency War, Super Bowl, DSE and Nick

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Nick Coston, OOH Expert
Nick Coston

OOH Word on the Street Today

  • Good luck Nick
  • NFL benching OOH for Super Bowl
  • DSE Postpones
  • Agency Wars

Good luck Nick
Nick Coston,  is taking full time employment with The Neuron.
More about The Neuron here
Global Programmatic DOOH DSP Platform Joins DPAA —   The Argument for an OOH Industry-wide Visibility Adjustment Index. Nick assures us he will continue his weekly Wednesday writing, ‘Once A Week, But Hardly Weakly’. Happy for Nick and happy for us. 

NFL benching OOH for Super Bowl
Two sources have shared with us, that the NFL has cancelled all of its OOH space it typically buys every year for the Super Bowl. Typically the ‘League’ buys up a significant number of OOH assets surrounding the stadium, this year’s Los Angeles’s SoFi Stadium.  This year’s buy we were told, was cancelled. Super Bowl LVI is February 13, so it’s not too late to restate themselves or resell to others, though we are told by anonymous insiders the effort to replace is rocky. 

DSE Postpones
The Digital Signage Experience, in case you missed it the name was changed from Expo to Experience, is moving the event date from late March to November. Word on the street is the number of exhibitors and attendees signed up was very low as compared to previous years and benchmarks. Surely Covid had something to do with it though the official press release said nothing about Covid. Transparency, anyone? The reasons, ahem, announcement for moving the date to the fall can be found here Digital Signage Experience (DSE) Moves to November 2022

Agency Wars
Though we are not quite ready to say names, just yet, and you know how much it pains us to share this kind of rubbish, we are receiving stories from multiple sources that a sales person from a relatively mid level OOH Owner, say headquartered in NYC, has taken ‘proprietary information’ they came to possess from one smallish OOH Buying Service and shared it with a similarly smallish OOH Buying Service.  Hell of a way for a sales person to increase their billing as typically business that changes agencies goes to the person who “has the agency account”.  More on this as it unravels and when it hits the courts.

Be safe out there.

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