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Texas Tourism Brought to Life Through AR

Lightbox Offers Immersive Trip Builder and 360° Experience

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Lightbox, a leader in digital out-of-home video, has partnered with Travel Texas to drive tourism to the Lone Star State through a custom augmented reality (AR) experience.

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Activated from Lightbox’s nationwide digital video screens, audiences are “stepping into Texas” by entering virtual portals that immerse them in various real-world destinations via 360° sights and sounds – from mouth-watering BBQ joints, to vast caverns, to breathtaking mountain vistas.

The campaign is currently live in malls across the U.S., prompting users to scan an on-screen QR code with their mobile devices to activate the experience. From there, users personalize their itineraries through a trip builder stage before placing portals in their in-person environments. After tapping to enter, users are transported to their selected locales with options to learn more or share to social platforms.

Lightbox Studios custom-built the experience by capturing and editing 360° footage from over a dozen Texas locations, constructing a multi-layered questionnaire, producing voice-over, designing 3D assets, and wrapping it all within a bespoke web app geared toward user engagement and social amplification.

Digital out-of-home companies, like Lightbox, are leveraging AR to converge digital and physical spaces for consumers in high-traffic settings. The resulting products bring brand messaging in physical environments to life on digital devices to expand storytelling, enhance discovery, and drive engagement – all from a simple scan.

About Lightbox
Lightbox is a leading digital out-of-home video network that leverages technology and creativity to connect advertisers with millions of consumers in the real world. The premium video network offers national scale with hyper-local execution via 8,500 can’t-miss screens in shopping destinations, WeWork locations, and city street window fronts across North America.

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