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Tell The Truth

OOH …Here’s One Thing 

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OOH …Here’s One Thing 

Tell The Truth

by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director,  Johnsen, Fretty & Company

“There you sit there, looking so cool, while the whole show is passing you by. You better come to terms with your fellow men soon.
“Derek and the Dominos”  https://youtu.be/LFA-2AHrtFA?si=u4ix7EEbZOjt2Nsr  (Note try to find the spot when Duane Allman comes in)

Lots of merriment and intellectual stimulation (well less that the last association of non-linear astrophysicists conference I attended but, hey this is the outdoor business after all) at this past week’s IBO conference.  Hats off to Chris and Becky for pulling off another action packed show.  A couple highlights for me:

  1. Dave Westburg entering brand new territory with a panel to discuss succession planning for owners of outdoor advertising companies that aren’t necessarily looking to “hit the Lamar put”.  Hats off for paving new ground here.  Definitely got my wheels turning.  
  2. Several young blokes traveling all the way from Australia to present their wares and their ways to us heartlanders.  Who would have guessed that the IBO would have had enough starpower 10 years ago to demand that kind of turnout?
  3. After a rousing discussion by several panelists on the trials and travails of marketing and operating a billboard plant in today’s environment, Hal Stevenson took us all to school with the 4 Rotarian litmus tests for a positive business transaction; namely (and apologies in advance Hal as I am going to butcher this) is it true, is it fair, will it benefit and will it improve all parties.
  4. A financing panel which introduced some potential new debt and equity players to the market.  Who knew 15% money could look and feel so good?
  5. Vistar introducing it’s new real time visual dashboard.  It was almost like grand theft auto meets outdoor porn.  

In addition to the above Andy Sriubas and Terry Carmody gave their always excellent takes on the state of the industry.  

All in all a worthwhile show for anyone looking to see how the other independents do it, to know you are not alone out their, and to enjoy some comradery in the process.  

Looking forward to seeing many of you again at the DPAA show on Tuesday.  The 4th quarter dash is on!

And I will definitely be giving more thought to the Rotarian code of ethic this week.  Hey, maybe we can get the OAAA to echo some thoughts here.  I do know the AAAA talks the talk.  



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