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Tasty Ads —OOH Creative Software Well Worth Your Attention

Could this be 'The Greatest Revolution in OOH Since Digital Printing?'

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Tasty Ad demo output

We have always said, “creative can be automated and measured for effectiveness”.  We’ll this is not the latter but it is the former.  Automated art or creative production.  Come on, after the smart phone, automated cars, and all our music on the cloud, who is surprised?  It is here.

We took the demonstration with Tasty Ad.  It is a very together software which seems to have the basic blocking and tackling type art/creative.  Called a ‘Premium OOH Ad Creator,’ one would use it in new business pitches, proposals, spec art, or just about any need for preliminary and finished art.  This is super affordable and genuinely quality product which is easy to use.

TastyAd.com  I did not ask about the name.
I assume it is the thought this is such a sweet idea or product, hence the name Tasty Ad??

Call Shane- good guy at 931-854-8464  We recommend taking the demo. It takes seconds. Request a demo here⇒Tasty Ad


Tasty Ad demo output



These spec pieces of OOH Today, Shane did in the  Web meeting literally took him less than 5 minutes each.  The software is that easy and intuitive to use.  Would love your feedback on our thoughts.

Here is the official press release.  Tell them Bill sent you.



Tasty Ad

The Greatest Revolution in OOH Since Digital Printing!
​​​​Tasty Ad is a first of its kind sales and design tool for out of home advertising.
It’s an ad design tool where users with or without design experience can create professional, effective outdoor ads within minutes by selecting and customizing premium, industry specific templates.

It’s a sales tool because salesman can use it to create their own spec art, or sample ads, for potential customers. They don’t have to wait for a designer. If a salesman has sample artwork created for a client they can show them, they are much more likely to get the sale.

Salesmen can also create spec ads for potential clients and use our email proposal tool to send them the ads, billboard info, maps and photos in a neatly organized proposal.

It’s a design tool because your designer’s can save time creating ads from scratch and use our template based system instead. If you don’t have a designer on staff, this makes it that much easier on you. Because you can create your own artwork even if you don’t have any design experience.
If you would like more info you can go to ​TastyAd.com​ or contact us for a live demo. Just let us know what day and time is good for you!

For further details please contact:

Shane Hutton TastyAd.com Tel: 931-881-5979 Email: ​info@tastyad.com


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