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Sugar on Your Mind and OOH in Your View

Fast Facts Friday —When Romance is on Everyone’s Mind

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When Romance is on Everyone’s Mind

#geekOUT —Friday Fast Facts

It’s not surprising that this is the time of year when romance is on everyone’s mind.  In fact, a quick look at Google Trends shows that the peak of searching for “romance” spikes at Valentine’s Day.

Those who spent Valentine’s Day solo this year may be turning to online dating services to start looking for love.  According to Kantar, in 2018 dating services spent over $150 million dollars in advertising and nearly tripled their investment in OOH media over the prior year.  And it makes perfect sense!

The Geopath Insights Suite shows that OOH delivers more than 2 billion impressions every week through roadside inventory to people who have used an online dating service in the last 12 months.  In fact, since singles are more likely to be out and about, OOH is an excellent channel to reach them.  6.9% of the total population has used an online dating service, but the audience composition of this target among OOH audiences is 7.4% – an index of 108.

According to WalletHub, the top ranked cities with the highest percentage of single people are:

  1. Detroit, MI
  2. Wilmington, DE
  3. Rochester, NY

These are excellent opportunities for online dating services to reach potential new consumers!

Detroit – In Detroit, Geopath measured OOH ads reach more than 11 million online daters every week.
Wilmington – There are approximately 100 pieces or roadside inventory measured by Geopath – and in total, they reach more than a half a million people who are using online dating services every week.
Rochester – The inventory in the city of Rochester delivers approximately 2.5 million impressions every week against online daters.  Singles in Rochester are so much more likely to be on the go that the target composition is 8.2% – a 119 index versus the population of the market.

If you want to know more and similar fast facts contact geekout@geopath.org
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