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An Interactive City —3D World to Showcase OOH Measurement Solutions

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This ‘3D interactive city’ is interesting.  We recommend a look. Click here⇒ Street City by Streetmetrics Tell us what you think.

StreetMetrics Launches 3D World to Showcase OOH Measurement Solutions

StreetMetrics is officially launching StreetCity, an interactive, educational tool for StreetMetrics’ moving out-of-home media measurement solutions. StreetCity is a 3D world designed with StreetMetrics’ current partners, and future partners, in mind. The interactive city outlines the methodology and impact of the company’s measurement and attribution capabilities.

Users can navigate around the city, filter for solutions, and hover over media assets to get a more visual understanding of our advanced out-of-home measurement technology.

“StreetCity is an exciting milestone in the StreetMetrics journey,” says Drew Jackson, StreetMetrics’ Founder. “Out-of-Home media measurement is complex, and we’re committed to providing our operators and advertisers the resources to make moving out-of-home measurement more straightforward and transparent.

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StreetMetrics partnered with Voxel Worlds, a realistic proptech design studio, to build StreetCity. “StreetMetrics thought out of the box for this project,” says Jeff Alaoui, Voxel Worlds’ Chief Operating Officer. “Voxel typically designs 3D experiences for architecture, so building a custom 3D city that showcases StreetMetrics’ Out-of-Home advertising measurement tech was a unique challenge. Partnering with the StreetMetrics team and seeing StreetCity come to life was a rewarding experience through and through.”

Through projects like StreetCity, StreetMetrics is committed to investing in the future of the Out-of-Home advertising industry.

To interact with StreetCity:

  1. Click here or go to streetmetrics.com and choose StreetCity.
  2. Click or drag on the screen to begin the StreetCity experience.
  3. In the top right corner, click the menu button to drop down the filters for the 3D block.
  4. Hover your mouse over each asset to learn more.

About StreetMetrics
Founded in 2016, StreetMetrics specializes in measuring Moving Out-of-Home (MOOH) media, such as ads on buses, trains, rideshare fleets, taxis, mobile billboards, airport shuttles, bicycles and scooters. The company currently measures moving media in 30 of the top 35 DMAs across the US, and internationally across Canada, Australia, Europe, and Central Asia.

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