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How do you celebrate a new client win? —Not Milk, Lexus, Hampton Inn, WynnBET, Pacaso

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SellerCrowd (formerly known as Cohoot) is the invite-only anonymous forum for media salespeople.
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Betting to Wynn
@Pulled Bargain indicates WynnBET has been pretty quiet on the RFP front and is wondering if anyone has received any RFPs for upcoming efforts? Full Thread Here>>>

Marco Island Time
The Geopath/OAAA media conference & expo is coming up in May this year. Do you plan on attending? Full Thread Here>>>

New Opportunities
Celebrating a new client win and saying ‘thank you’ to them for their business is one of the many ways to continue building and solidifying your relationship with them. Our ‘Poll of the Week’ Q for this week is: Do you celebrate a new client win by sending a note, a gift, or nothing at all? Cast your vote and join the discussion in the full thread here>>>

Do You Know?
Does anyone know where Not Milk is coming from? Full Thread Here>>>

Does anyone have any insight into Lexus’ Evergreen campaign? Full Thread Here>>>
Anyone have a contact for an OOH buyer for Hampton Inn (or Hilton)? Full Thread Here>>>
Looking for someone at ConAgra that handles Programmatic and/or DOOH Full Thread Here>>>
Has anyone been briefed on Pacaso’s Q2/Q3 campaigns? Full Thread Here>>>

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