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Stranger Things 4 —Mind Flayer and Demogorgon on the Beach and Buildings Across the World —3 Videos of The Upside Down

Using projection mapping, water screen technology, Hologauze, underwater lighting, out-of-screen, and banner mapping

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Crazy good execution by Netflix and Giant Spoon to support Season Four of Stranger Things!
Giant Spoon
Giant Spoon

You might have noticed the NYC skyline looking a little unusual in late May as a giant rift slowly cracked open on the facade of the Empire State Realty Trust, creating a portal that took the entire city on an immersive journey into Stranger Things’ Upside Down. Netflix

Watch the live stream of the light show here: https://lnkd.in/gvCDxRfS 

Akcelo created something very strange on the world famous Bondi beach for Netflix. A now iconic campaign, making huge global and local news coverage; generating all the hype.

Big congrats to Tony BroderickVanessa Hughes (née Jeyapal) & Daphne Ng and everyone at NetflixAkceloWavemaker, Jacknimble. What an incredible campaign! Boom!

Louise McQuatGrga CalicBrittany KingFelicity AndrewsDave Di VeroliMiles ScottPeter CollinsMark BerryJon KenyonJason CarnewJamie MuscatMichal FrydrychAmy NewellJennifer KirkwoodBonnie RyanEdward Krause, Mark Summerville, Gabriel MontalbanOskar WesterdalJon FoyeIlya AronovichMichael GrazianoDaniel StaudingerCam GageJoanna Lawrence-SmithMax BennettKirsty ReynoldsMei LyRachael HodgeDaniel BurnsLucy WestLucien Kronenberg.

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The Upside Down is here.

Netflix’s Stranger Things 4 gripped the world as the Upside Down descended before our eyes.

Using projection mapping, water screen technology, Hologauze, underwater lighting, out-of-screen, and banner mapping, the gateway opened and unleashed terrifying entities.

Rifts opened across the globe, the Mind Flayer and Demogorgon ominously emerged, tendrils crept up from pavements, and Demobats burst out of screens and onto the surrounding buildings.

Content, design, and delivery for the launch of the highly anticipated fourth series.

See you on the other side.

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  1. Linda says

    Great creative! Glad to see the US is beginning thinking outside the box!

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