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Starcom Partners with TPS Engage

Data is the New Oil

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Starcom Media links sales performance to
Digital OOH creatives with the help of ad-tech startup TPS Engage

TPS Press Release

Connecting traditional advertising to sales performance is difficult. Especially if you have a single creative – how do you know when it burned out and people just ignored it? In this context, you need to be able to push the perfect creative at the perfect moment, even in (Digital) OOH, and then link the business results to each creative. But what if that wasn’t a problem?

With Starcom’s consumer expertise, their data scientists can correlate sales with real time data coming from Digital Out of Home campaigns made through a startup focusing on delivering contextual content on DOOH, TPS Engage.

The startup can run or even procedurally generate multiple creatives based on context (age, gender, time of day, day of week, weather & more) and push them to the right screen at the right time. The solution has already been tested and vetted by common Starcom & TPS Engage clients such as Samsung, with extremely promising correlations between the contextual ads that ran and the business unit economics.

“It is obvious that by working closely together with technology companies such as TPS Engage we can offer our clients the best of both worlds. It’s always been our drive to understand our client’s businesses and now that we have the capability to mine for insights even in Digital Out of Home campaigns, we’re expanding our expertise to keep up the business challenges that we face in the digital age” said Rodica Mihalache, Head of Consumer & Business Insights, Starcom Romania.

“The fact that data is the new oil has already been mentioned in every marketing event known to man. The real business challenge is not how you collect data, but what do you do with it – oil won’t get you far without a car to put it in. That is why we are thrilled to be partnering with Starcom and work together with their data scientists to make the most out of the information we extract when running contextual Digital Out of Home campaigns” said Bogdan Savonea, CEO TPS Engage.

The commercial solution offered by Starcom and TPS Engage is available to clients that want to correlate the impact of their Digital Out of Home creatives to their actual sales or other business metrics. 

About TPS Engage

TPS Engage is a Techstars Alumni that works with over 60.000 digital outdoor and indoor screens worldwide. The ad-tech solution focuses on making Digital Out of Home advertising more dynamic, efficient and transparent. Present in the US, Dubai, KSA, Seoul, Serbia and Romania. TPS Engage works with clients such as Samsung, P&G, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Uber Eats, Deutsche Telekom, Foodpanda, Jaguar, H&M and more




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