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A wealth of B2B experience in one fun, casual package.

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by Sarah Druhan, OOH Today Journalist

Today for our Agency of the Day, we will be looking at Spire Agency, jumping through a few quick highlights telling you everything you need to know about this small-yet-scrappy advertising team. Interested in hearing more? Let’s dive right in.

The Basics: Spire Agency is a branding and marketing agency that specializes in B2B advertising. Their services include Growth Planning, Brand Foundation, Sales Enablement, and Brand Awareness. Located in Addison, Texas, Spire was founded in 2005 and has long been under the leadership of experienced entrepreneurs Kimberly Tyner (a die-hard University of Oklahoma fan) and Steve Gray (a certified storm-chasing enthusiast.) Spire Agency’s company size (about 14 employees in total on LinkedIn) makes them a small-yet-mighty threat to any contenders in their area. With over 15 years of experience in the B2B game, Spire Agency understands the often-intense world of B2B branding, and is more than ready to tackle any challenge this kind of advertising may throw their way.

Clients: From American Airlines to Airbus, Spire boasts a rich and varied collection of B2B brands under their belt. Other clients include weight loss program Naturally Slim, first-party data company Dynata, the Texas Capital Bank, and many more.

Core Mission:  You might have already guessed this one. At Spire Agency, B2B advertising is the name of the game. They’ve spent years perfecting this complex type of advertising, and they’re passionate about it. Their team has been painstakingly narrowed down and hand-picked from some of the top strategists and out-of-the-box thinkers in the industry. And this team loves nothing more than a challenge: they specialize in elevating B2B brands of companies that are set for rapid growth or that “find themselves in a state of ‘disruption.’” With an experience level that sets them far above other agencies on the market, Spire is a solid group of seasoned veterans that offers every client a serious head start.

Campaign Standout: For this writer, the clear ‘standout’ on Spire’s resume would have to be their work on the Airbus industry’s “Vintage Vegas” event. For the Helicopter Association International’s annual event, held that year at the Las Vegas Country Club, the Spire team drummed up a cutting-edge concept that perfectly integrated their client’s business into the glitzy swagger of the event location. From an illuminated “AIRBUS” display on the patio to glamorous Marilyn Monroe posters beckoning Airbus manufacturers and retailers to start planning their orders, the event was a smashing success. The number of 1,700 attendees soared high above the expected turnout of 1,400, and was hailed throughout the Airbus industry as one of the best industry events in memory.

Posters of Marilyn Monroe elegantly advertise the Airbus event.

The Bottom Line: Spire Agency packs a wealth of formidable experience all into one fun, casual package (they do their best to make their office atmosphere an easygoing one—proudly accompanied at all times by a widely varied soundtrack.) They’re a group of tight-knit employees that are passionate about what they do, and try to bring a fun creative spirit to every client’s table. If you’re a client looking for certified experts in B2B, Spire may just be the agency for you.

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