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Sorel taps Adgile to market its re-launch

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It has been a 500-year journey, but Jackie Summers and his high-powered marketing team, backed by spirits Industry influencer Fawn Weaver of Uncle Nearest Whisky fame, are pleased to announce the re-launch of Sorel

Sorel is a cool crisp liqueur based on the Caribbean hibiscus plant. Beautiful in color, exotic in taste, wonderfully enjoyable mixed or straight. While all of this sounds great, how does a unique product re-enter the highly competitive spirits market and break through the clutter? By being as innovative and creative in its marketing as it is in its brand formulation.

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For its initial route-to-market approach, Sorel engaged the services of Adgile Media Group, the nation’s first tech-enabled truck-side advertising company. 

Sorel founder Jackie Summers had this to say about the Adgile partnership: “Agile Media Group and their unique advertising/communication system is terrific, especially for brands that want to establish their presence in the market. Not only is Adgile important in building awareness, but their truck routes also provide a kind of aperture, where the consumer can see a brand advertised and go to a nearby store for purchase. Most important, Adgile provides incredibly rich data as to the who, what, when, and where of the ad message.”

Summers can back his century-spanning ambition with numbers: 100,000 bottles will be available online and in 10 states by the end of the month – and his projections show him selling out by year’s end. Jackie plans to launch in an additional 20 markets next year, “and Adgile Media Group plans to be right there alongside him, helping drive performance and providing actionable insights into consumer purchase behavior,” said Adgile co-founder and COO Tom Shea.

About Jackie Summers
Jackie Summers is an acclaimed author, seasoned public speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Summers is the founder of Jack From Brooklyn Inc. and the creator of the award-winning Sorel Liqueur. Ranked among the world’s “100 Most Influential Bar Industry Figures” by Drinks International Magazine (2019, 2020, 2021), The 50 Most Influential People In Brooklyn Food (Brooklyn Magazine, 2015), named to the Imbibe 75 (2021), and named the 2019 Award winner for “Best Food Essay” by the Association of Food Journalists.

About Adgile Media Group
Adgile operates the nation’s first tech-enabled truck-side advertising network. By installing high quality, billboard-esque graphics on the sides and backs of last mile delivery trucks, Adgile is turning everyday vehicles into highly effective mobile billboards for brands like Sorel. The Adgile platform tracks the number of people that see each ad, the demographic of that audience, and the actions that audience takes after viewing an ad (website visit, app download online purchase, brick & mortar visit, etc. 

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