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Sky Spectacular: The Evolution of Media —600 Drones at Cannes

first-ever drone show

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At Cannes this week, the connected TV advertising arm of LG, LG Ad Solutions, and attention-based ad company Kargo, hosted the first-ever drone show.

Entitled “Sky Spectacular: The Evolution of Media,” the show took spectators on a journey through the evolution of media. Featuring 600 drones to tell this story in the sky, viewers witnessed the emergence of traditional media, the transition to digital media, and, ultimately, the future.

This first-ever drone show demonstrates the innovation that both companies are driving across CTV, mobile and cross-channel advertising. This creative sky spectacular show builds on the partnership that LG Ad Solutions and Kargo announced at NewFronts this year for native connected TV advertising. Brands get a unique combination of targeting, addressability and innovative ad formats across CTV and other premium video channels. See a slightly different version of the show below.

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