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Showing is Always Better than Saying

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Stop the antiquated contractual 5 to 10-day POP photo timeline

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As our OOH industry continues on its growth curve to capture a more significant portion of the advertising media pie, we must be mindful that our future and existing clients will require some adjustments to conduct business with our industry. The new figure I heard touted in Lisbon this week was a goal of a 10% share by 2030, with 1% growth each year! That will require many new clients to come to the table who never bought OOH. We must change to achieve this growth forecast.

Having been in this industry for decades, I understand the reasoning behind the 5-day posting window but have come to scoff at those holding on to that old standard.   If my client bought a $60K bulletin, I would expect it to be a “priority” posting on Monday.  Clients have a hard time swallowing the antiquated contractual 5 to 10-day POP photo timeline. When I started selling Outdoor in the mid-’80s, we were still mailing film to Kodak for processing. Forty years later, with digital cameras, how can we tell clients to wait just as long for their campaign photos? We have a steady request for photos at FotoFetch from clients who buy digital bulletins and are only given woefully distorted and dirty webcams (developed in 1991). They pay first-class rates and get second-class service. That is not the way to generate the forecasted industry growth.

They pay first-class rates and get second-class service

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A writer knows to tell a great story; one needs to show readers with their words rather than tell them by preaching to them.  OOH is very much the same.  We all can agree OOH is a visual business; showing instead of telling is the way. Social media is not going away. Clients will expect faster delivery to extend their campaigns on social media, showing off our assets in return. “Fractional takeover” clients are expecting 1 day or less turnarounds.  Not everyone in OOH will thrive during the next 10 years, let alone survive.

It’s time to move on from old-school solutions and excuses and deliver the first-class product your customers expect.  That is the way to hit these growth numbers our industry expects.

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