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Shooting Your Billboard in the Foot

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photo credit Matt Sizemore

Shooting Your Billboard in the Foot

Is this OOH Creative too much for OOH?
Do any ‘Gentleman’s Clubs’ belong in #OOH regardless of design?

This locally controversial billboard of a well-known bikini bar and so-called, gentlemen’s club in Boise, Idaho, called The Torch Lounge, will soon be removed, according to Jeff Harker, General Manager of Canyon Outdoor Media.  The Torch Lounge has been recognized as BEST STRIP JOINT for 9 of the last 10 years by Boise Weekly Best of Boise.

What is your feeling on this creative?  Poor taste for public display?
Is it the design which is a problem? Or is it the fact that it is a ‘Gentleman’s Club?
It has been on the street for 4 weeks and community pressure by way of phone calls, forced
GM Harker to agree for early removal. It may play in NYC but not in Boise.

Read the story reported by Steve Bertel from KIVI /KSAW “Provocative” billboard to be removed




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  1. Chris says

    We should be better than this. What kind of message does this send young girls in this market? It’s time to stop objectifying women (and men).

  2. Tony Alwin says

    At one point years back the OAAA made a plea to all of the OOH operators to not accept Strip clubs and “gentleman’s clubs” at all, no matter how censored it was. Our media is the most public and forces everyone to look at it every day. We need to accept the responsibility that comes with that.

  3. Bill Board says

    Excellent share Tony Alwin. Thank you. It is short term gain which will come back and bite us in the long term. It’s not worth it. Just say no.

  4. Bill Board says

    Could not agree more Chris.
    Thank you