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Wondering about Geico Business? Answers Here

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Hundreds of OOH sellers gather on SellerCrowd to share inside info about advertisers and agencies

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The Gecko’s New Home
Everyone has been waiting to see who will be on the new Geico team covering OOH. The team at Rapport NY appears to be taking shape as @Panda Condos shared this update with a few names on the account. Full Thread Here>>>

Car Sharing…Everywhere
@Journey Did indicates there was an OOH RFP out from Adquick about a month ago for GetAround. Check this thread for a contact. Full Thread Here>>>

On the Move
Horizon Media is celebrating with a touchdown dance as they take on the role of media AOR for the NFL. The advertiser concluded its global media review, handing media strategy, planning and buying duties to the agency. Incumbent agencies on the account in the US include OMD and Tinuiti. Full Thread Here>>>

Going Strong? Or Going Slow?
So how is your Q2 going? While some sellers have mentioned having a slow start with delays and budget cuts, others are experiencing a very strong Q2. Join the conversation. Full Thread Here>>>

Looking for pDOOH
What are the best programmatic platforms to be on for large format digital billboards? The crowd shares a list of names. Full Thread Here>>>

Trending & Spending: Where is the $?
Brands are continually evolving their advertising strategies to reach a wider audience and make an impact in the market. As we’ve seen, some brands have pulled back budgets for various reasons, while others allocated dollars to capitalize on the increasing consumer demand and stand out from the competition. For this week’s ‘Poll of the Week’ Q: In which industry vertical are you seeing a trending and/or steady growth in advertising spending in Q2? 🗳Cast your vote. Full Thread Here>>>

Do You Know?
Anyone know who handles Boston Beer Company at OMG and is working on the Dog Fish Head campaign? Or Tobacco Free Florida? Full Thread Here>>>
Does anyone have any contacts @ the Yin Family McDonald’s in Vacaville? Full Thread Here>>>

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