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SellerCrowd —Hundreds of OOH Sellers Sharing OOH Insider Info about Advertisers and Agencies

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SellerCrowd is an anonymous community for media salespeople.

Hundreds of OOH sellers gather on SellerCrowd to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.  

Discover some of the most recent topics being discussed by the crowd here…

What’s Left?
Noble People, since May of last year, has had an unfortunate reduction in staffing per @Prost Either. The crowd would love to confirm which accounts they may have also won/lost too. So far sellers indicate the agency has lost California Pizza Kitchen, and are still working on Athletic Greens, BJ’s, Points Bet, Tastyworks, and WeTransfer. @Memphis Next also shared some contacts on the OOH team too. Full Thread Here>>>

Penny For Your Thoughts
@Leg Patch was in a polling mood and wanted to hear from fellow OOH sellers on two topics:
Do you have more success contacting media buyers through Linkedin or email? Full Thread Here>>>
AND Estimate how many cold emails you send daily. Full Thread Here>>>

Finding the Sweet Spot With Client Outreach
Building relationships, offering problem-solving solutions, and ultimately gaining a new client is the goal. So for this week’s ‘Poll of the Week‘ Q: How many interactions (on average) do you typically have with prospects during the sales process? Join the discussion and vote. Full Thread Here>>

Do You Know?
Has Chipotle been active this year in OOH? If so, what’s their Agency of Record and who would be the best contact to reach out to? Full Thread Here>>>
What agency or agency contact is covering OOH for SyFy channel (NBC Universal)? Full Thread Here>>>
Anyone know who handles the “Don’t drive high campaigns?” Full Thread Here>>>
Who handles Quinnipiac University’s advertisement spend? Full Thread Here>>>
Which agency handles OOH for NYC Ballet? Full Thread Here>>>

SellerCrowd’s community of thousands of veteran ad sellers has been working together to share breaking news about brands and agencies since 2011.

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