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Anonymous Sellers Comments/Shares on Advertiser and Agency Buyers

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SellerCrowd (formerly known as Cohoot) is the invite-only anonymous forum for media salespeople.
Hundreds of sellers gather on SellerCrowd’s dedicated OOH channel to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

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WPP Enjoying an Ice-Cold Coca-Cola Win
The long-awaited Coca-Cola global media review announcement has arrived this week. WPP enjoys the win, bringing on the account under a ‘bespoke unit’ dubbed OpenX (which sellers also noted is the name of an unrelated SSP company, so that’s confusing). WPP will handle creative, media, data and marketing technology across the advertiser’s entire portfolio of brands/global ventures. As far as OOH, it is believed Kinetic NY will be handling the account in the US. The relationship between WPP & Coca-Cola kicks off immediately. Full Thread Here>>>

Getting Back to Travel Ads
Ecuador Tourism is one of the tourism boards advertising per @Nerve Ratings. Adquick put out a RFP through Talon LA, targeting major cities freeways and high-end malls. Full Thread Here>>>

Advice Wanted
@Queen Idle is looking for advice on POP for OOH: what is the expectation for digital bulletins? Is a webcam shot enough? Or do you always need to send an approach shot, close up shot, and webcam shot? Full Thread Here>>>

Q4 Incremental – Still Flowing?
One of the things fellow sellers discuss frequently this time of year is incremental spend. Sometimes it trickles in, other times the well seems dry. Our ‘Poll of the Week’ topic Q: Have you been able to secure incremental budget from clients, and if so in which verticals do you sell that you’re still seeing incremental for Q4? 🗳 Cast your vote and join the discussion in the full thread here>>>

🏆 Volume 4 Legends of SellerCrowd
Catch up with SC Legend Thank Values, a member of the community since early 2012, who focuses on sponsorships for a multimedia platform. Read the full interview here>>>

Do You Know?
Does anyone know where Sports Illustrated Sportsbook comes out of(direct, agency, buying service)? Full Thread Here>>>

Will Hooray Agency be handling Resorts World Digital App? Full Thread Here>>>
Who handles OOH for SpaceX? Who is the main POC? Full Thread Here>>>
What Healthcare accounts on the East Coast are planning/buying direct? Full Thread Here>>>
Any truth to the rumors – and any contacts to share pls – that Discovery+ has gone in house? Full Thread Here>>>
Anyone know a contact email for the OOH buyer of Woodbridge Wines? Full Thread Here>>> 

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