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Seizing OOH

Anna Bager —'Consider This'

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Seizing the Day, the Future
and the Pluses
of OOH

Our new OAAA President and CEO, Anna Bager, delivered her most recent report in her ‘Thought Leadership’ post ‘Consider This‘.  She updates her past four weeks ‘commuting between headquarters in Washington and a temporary office in New York, and has begun travel around the country on a nationwide listening tour.’ And listen she does!  Our lunch last week was a productive conversation and exchange. We plan continuing more as her schedule allows when she is in D.C.

When she says, she is eager to hear from us and to feel free to contact her, believe it!
Here’s her contact info abager@oaaa.org or 202-833-5566.  I encourage you to take the time to do so.

Click on the link to her recent message⇒ Consider This: Carpe Diem.  Worth the read and continued insight to our new OAAA leader.





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