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Screenverse Acquires The Danaher Group —now the exclusive sales partner for TouchTunes

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Screenverse Acquires The Danaher Group

Screenverse is proud to announce the acquisition of The Danaher Group, becoming the exclusive sales partner for TouchTunes 


New York, NY, — Screenverse, an emerging startup delivering ad management and monetization to digital screen networks, has acquired The Danaher Group. This acquisition makes Screenverse one of the largest digital OOH sales companies in the US, with exclusive sales representation of 50,000+ screens and 2.5 billion monthly impressions. 

The Danaher Group was led by world-class media veterans Susan Danaher (former Pres. DPAA, EVP Viacom, CRO Adspace/Lightbox) and Victor Germain (VP Screenvision, SVP, Gast Station TV). Susan, Victor, and Taylor Chiulli have joined Screenverse in sales, research, and operations leadership positions.


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David Weinfeld, CEO of Screenverse, is proud of the milestones reached so far but hopes to keep his team focused on the future.

“Adam and I know that the key pillars of our business are to invest our energies in great people and great networks. In acquiring The Danaher Group, we get both in an enormous way. Susan, Victor, and Taylor embody our vision and mission and have already helped us leap past our 2020 sales and revenues in the first half of 2021. We have big ambitions for the rest of 2021 and beyond.”

Central to its growth outlook, Screenverse became the exclusive sales partner for TouchTunes – the nation’s largest Bar & Restaurant network and one of the largest DOOH networks in the world. 

Adam Malone, Pres. of Screenverse, thinks “this represents a major step forward in the business. TouchTunes is one of the largest and most significant digital place-based networks in the world, by number of screens (40,000) and total impressions (1.4 Billion/Month). At a time when the world is opening back up again, we are incredibly optimistic about the bar and restaurant sector. With a ‘Roaring 20’s’ like Summer upon us, TouchTunes is strongly positioned to reach a Gen Z and Millennial audience when they are out in the world having fun and spending money!”

Victor Germain, SVP of Sales at Screenverse, sees the impact of “the roaring 20s” on the TouchTunes business. “People are ready to be out. They are ready to see their friends. We see it in our first party data and in our daily lives. BevAl companies are back spending, and we are seeing huge interest from other age-gated categories such as tobacco, cannabis, and gambling. That’s certainly not all, as advertisers in banking, travel & tourism, entertainment and fashion are leaning back in to reach a millennial audience within our high dwell time environments.”

The TouchTunes network will be available via the leading SSPs; Vistar, PlaceExchange and Magnite. We are commissioning on-premise research for the Beverage and Alcohol market from Nielsen CGA and other providers.

About Screenverse
Screenverse Inc is an ad management and monetization specialist serving digital screen networks. Screenverse represents “Best in Class” digital out-of-home media networks that help advertisers reach real audiences in real places, while delivering real results. With national coverage across grocery, pharmacy, convenience, bar & restaurant, urban panels, residential and office,
Screenverse offers unparalleled digital OOH reach to advertisers and agencies.


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