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Saints Robbed! —OOH Wins!

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There’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri….and now 16 Billboards in Atlanta,
courtesy of car-dealership owner, Matt Bowers. Matt Bowers, a diehard New Orleans Saints fan who owns car dealerships throughout the southeast, has rented billboard locations in and around Atlanta to voice his displeasure with the NFL. How appropriate the business went to Baton Rouge, Louisiana headquartered Lamar Advertising. According to Lamar/Atlanta, General Manager, Nick Brown, the creative hit the streets in less than 30 minutes from Bowers initial phone call.

Using Digital OOH and the flexibility of fast and easily changed copy, the messages were mixed with one common theme all aimed at the NFL.

“SAINTS GOT ROBBED,” said one billboard.  “NFL BLEAUX IT!” reads another. Others read, “NFL SCREW’D DAT” and “ROGER GOODELL KNEW DAT!”

Two Saints season-ticket holders are suing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league.

Win or lose, the lawsuit that is, the Fat Lady Sang and New Orleans Saints lost the game. The game is not ‘a do over.’  Life, albeit a richer one for Lamar Advertising, goes on.

The LA Rams, the outdoor advertising industry and what appears to be an exclusive buy for Lamar, were the big winners and of course the media.

photo credit Allyson Campbell, Campaign Coordinator at Lamar Atlanta


Patriots by 6


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  1. Jonathan Gudai says

    There is a growing trend of sports fans using billboards to express themselves and get a lot of attention for it.

    Last week, a Golden Knights hockey fan in Las Vegas posted a digital billboard from the actual hockey game after one of the opposing team’s players – superstar PK Subban made a big deal about a purported injury.

    With $100 to spend, the fan went to Adomni.com, designed an ad on the website mocking the incident (playing off a famous viral video – “Charlie bit my finger”) and bought ad plays for the next 24 hours on a digital billboard nearby the arena.

    Fans leaving the game saw the billboard and took to social media to provide commentary. The local news paper and news channels also picked up the story.


    Digital out-of-home ads are now purchasable like other online mediums.

  2. Bill Board says

    Interesting story and source for OOH sales. Thank you Jonathan Gudai!

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