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Run This PSA —National Disability Employment Awareness Month

“Let’s Not Dis Our Ability” —Nationwide digital public service billboard campaign in October

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Publishers Note: Why are we posting this again? Other than the obvious, it was first posted on Saturday, a traditionally low reader day, we feel it needs to be shared again. Great cause. You have the space. It’s digital. Artwork is readily accessible. And also, I am a firm believer in helping those who help OOH. For those of you in the Industry any length of time, you will recognize the name Gary Dixon, of the PassItOn.com. The Foundation for a Better Life. Gary is involved with DeliveringJobs.org as well.  PassItOn.com has been there for OOH over the years, dozens of years. For those of you who accepted posting payments over the years from The Foundation for a Better Life, let’s return with our support. Run this creative this month of October. Thank you.


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Bernie Hogya and Ron Wachino Help Redefine Inclusion with “Let’s not dis our ability” Message to Employers

Campaign Launches During National Disability Employment Awareness Month

– Delivering Jobs, an inclusion campaign dedicated to creating pathways to one million employment and leadership opportunities for people with autism, intellectual and/or developmental differences by 2025, is launching a nationwide digital public service billboard campaign in October to coincide with National Disability Employment Awareness Month. The PSA’s slogan, “Let’s not dis our ability,” is a rallying cry for employers to recognize and embrace this qualified labor force.

National data shows that approximately eight out of 10 adults with autism, intellectual and/or developmental differences in the U.S. do not have a paid job despite having the skill sets and expertise to excel in the workplace. Delivering Jobs challenges all businesses to identify ways to incorporate this untapped workforce in diversity and inclusion initiatives; ensure they have access to a minimum of 1% of employment and leadership opportunities; and empower HR personnel to invest in the long-term success of employees of all abilities.

Bernie Hogya and Ron Wachino created the new PSA through their advertising agency Lean&Mean.  Hogya and Wachino are widely known for their iconic Milk Mustache ads, which not only helped sell more milk but became a part of pop culture.  The Delivering Jobs PSA will target employers in a variety of business sectors, appearing on digital billboards across the country on inventory donated by media partners.

“We are honored to help challenge the narrative around inclusive hiring,” said Lean&Mean’s Hogya and Wachino. “Companies have made significant strides in some areas of inclusion, but people with neurodifferences have been left out of the conversation. With this PSA, we highlight the abilities of people with neurodifferences and their contributions to a better overall workforce.”

“It’s truly a gift to collaborate with Ron and Bernie,” said Entertainment Industry Foundation CEO Nicole Sexton. “The creative genius they’ve demonstrated yet again hits at the heart of our message for Delivering Jobs.  People with neurodifferences are an asset to a company, and this PSA powerfully illustrates that point.”

Launched in 2020, Delivering Jobs aims to build inclusive workplaces through consumer awareness, community activation, skills development, and job preparedness and workforce readiness. Neurodiversity is increasingly a key demographic for inclusion in the workforce, and DeliveringJobs.org provides resources for employees and employers, including toolkits, an accessibility checklist, case studies, and more. Formed by a coalition of non-profits and the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Delivering Jobs aims to change the narrative on inclusive hiring.

To take the #DeliveringJobs pledge, visit DeliveringJobs.org.

Download standard and custom digital billboards at https://www.oohforgood.com/delivering-jobs-digital-downloads/

About Entertainment Industry Foundation
Founded in 1942, the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) is a multifaceted organization that occupies a unique place in the world of philanthropy. By mobilizing and leveraging the powerful voice and creative talents of the entertainment industry, as well as cultivating the support of organizations (public and private) and philanthropists committed to social responsibility, EIF builds awareness and raises funds, developing and enhancing programs on the local, national, and global level that facilitate positive social change.  Visit eifoundation.org and follow @eifoundation for more information.

About Lean&Mean
Someone once said, “We must pay rent for the space we occupy on this Earth.” For us, that rent is paid in all the ways we’ve used our skills to improve someone’s life in a tangible way. We’ve devoted our time, energy and enthusiasm to causes we believe in, like UNICEF, the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and now, Delivering Jobs. Our campaign for The Foundation for a Better Life, which is now in its third decade, was cited as being “the most successful public service campaign in the history of outdoor advertising.” Here’s to all the decades to come. Go to leanandmeangroup.com to learn more about Lean&Mea

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