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Retraction and Apology to Anna Bager

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Retraction and Apology to Anna Bager

I made a mistake. In a recent post, I incorrectly identified Anna Bager, President and CEO, OAAA, as the individual who provided an email to OOH Today. I sincerely apologize to Anna and our faithful readers for the error. 

On May 12, OOH Today, more specifically I, Brent Baer as the Publisher for OOH Today, in an article captioned “Here Is The First Look…” stated I had received the content to the OAAA OOH Impression Measurement Guidelines “via an email from Anna Bager, President, CEO of OAAA, Monday, May 10th at 5:19 PM EST.”  That statement, I have now learned in the last few hours of May 13, is not true. 

Immediately after we released the post on Wednesday, Anna Bager notified me that the statement I made was false. She indicated indeed she did not send an email to me as a “bcc” blind copy which had been sent to third parties as I stated it was. To be clear, this email did appear as a ‘bcc’ in my Microsoft Outlook email inbox with the sender and address indicating they were from Anna Bager. To fully vet just exactly how this email came into my possession, over the next two days, I took further research and consultation with an email forensic analyst and other capable individuals attempting to discover how the email came into my inbox.  The email I received was written by Anna Bager, though the said email was not sent to or as I now know, intended for receipt by me from Anna Barger. 

While the intent of the OOH Today post was to release the “OAAA OOH Impression Measurement Guidelines”, I felt it was important to identify who provided me with the email. I now know Anna Bager was incorrectly identified as the individual who shared the email.  For that I apologize, as I have done personally via telephone last evening to Anna Bager and submit to the OOH Today readers the same sincere apology. We have officially retracted the statement.



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  1. Tran Sitshelter says

    So who sent the email to you then?

  2. Nina says

    Classy move to apologize but I’m more interested in the body of the letter from the OAAA to Geopath. Are we really considering going back to “Opportunity to See”? Do agencies and advertisers know this? What is there level of concern? Will Geopath now have a marketing arm for the industry? Are our industry’s organizational roles and responsibilities crossing over each other? It seems like the OAAA (putting it into OOH terms) just jumped a lease.

    Coming out of COVID and a terrible sales and buying year I’d like to think we have more cooperation and communication across all the components of our industry but it seems during COVID there were cloaked and secret meetings going on among a privileged few. It’s just going to make my job more difficult to explain to my clients why this OTS thing is under consideration. I totally see this as a programmatic ploy (more impressions/lower cpm’s) but let’s not throw out everything we’ve all been doing over the years to appease the still stagnant programmatic sector.

    Let’s vaccinate those within our industry that are unwilling to work together … The diseases that afflict us (inflammation of power, acute hardening of cooperation, thrombosis of communication) can all be remedied. Possibly by a triple by-pass (hint). The agency folks all see it. LET’S WORK TOGETHER

  3. journalistic privilege. Confidential source.

  4. “Let’s vaccinate those within our industry that are unwilling to work together … The diseases that afflict us (inflammation of power, acute hardening of cooperation, thrombosis of communication) can all be remedied.” Nina, thank you for your comments.

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