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Remaining Fairway Outdoor Markets II

On the Street

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11,000+ faces in play from Fairway

We promised to return today with more on our story from Friday, on what we have heard about the Agreement for Remaining Fairway Outdoor Markets Rumored to be Complete.  ⇐Click background story.

As fate would have it, we received a phone call late Friday night from a very reliable source who confirmed the comments of our other two sources, as to who is acquiring Fairway Outdoor. But alas the news is, only three markets, Chattanooga, Minnesota (The North Central Division) and our intel is unsure of the markets, suggesting the third market appears to be the Southeast Division. The OOH company mentioned by all three is the same but the markets don’t add up to us, so we are holding off until we receive more information.

If it is three markets, that leaves the remaining, Mid-Atlantic, Southwest Division (which to us seems the most natural play for our unnamed West Coast OOH Company with their current footprint) and Indiana. It does leave the question who the other party(s) might be, as it seems Link Media would be in this hunt and the Southeast might be Link’s cup of tea. Link could not comment for our story.

Still, no official announcement or comments from any of the participants. Our caveat, this is rumored, word on the street. The market rosters doesn’t add up to us.  We’ll update you as we learn more.




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