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Recruiting LeBron with Billboards

45 Second Video-Using Billboards to Recruit Basketball Players

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LeBron James, NBA Star is being recruited by Power Home Remodeling, a company located in Chester,PA.  The recruitment process began with yep, you guessed it, 3 billboards along Interstate 480, located approximately 7 miles from the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ Quicken Loans Arena.

The LeBron to 76ers Billboards, ⇐ (click back here) to see them via ESPN Video, were a three-month OOH buy for Lamar Advertising. Power Home, Co-CEO, Asher Raphael, says, “We’re passionate about Philadelphia.”  Rafael said he would have preferred if his company’s logo was not included.  “The billboard company said they considered what we were doing to be a political ad and wouldn’t sell it to us if we didn’t follow those rules,” Raphael said. “So they made us say, ‘Paid for By.'”

For more to the story go to ESPN here⇒ LeBron James recruited by Power Home Remodeling

It seems the possibility exists other teams may be interested in recruiting LeBron as well.  Teams allegedly expressing interest in LeBron James, as well as examples recruiting via Outdoor Advertising.  See below for something a little less serious and if you are an NBA fan, will find entertaining.

Warning: If you are a University of Arizona fan, the video below may not be for you.
Special thanks to @TheKicker

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