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Rat Race

OOH …Here’s One Thing  

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OOH …Here’s One Thing  


by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company



Rat Race

Don’t forget your history
Know your destiny
In the abundance of water
The fool is thirsty
Rat race
Rat race
Rat race

Rat race!
Oh, it’s a disgrace
To see the human race
In a rat race, yeah

Rat race!
You got the horse race
You got the dog race
You got the human race
But this is a rat race, yeah
Rat race!

Robert Nesta Marley


Greg Phillips was kind enough to send me an article this week.  When it’s Greg sending, I know I should read it.  When I finally got around to it, it blew me off my feet.  You ever dive into water so cold your breathing shuts down, your brain goes numb and your skin feels like its on fire?  But then something amazing happens as you overcome the flight response.  Everything comes into perfect clarity.  There is only this, not a million other things chipping away at your thoughts.


That is some of the finest raw writing I’ve read in a while.  So rather than do it injustice, I’ll just say this.  We, the fortunate ones to still be here, have been given the finest gift ever.  A redo.  We can rewire to be kinder to ourselves, each other and the planet, and perhaps find a little more quality in life in the process.  The “Crazy Train” is ours alone to decide…or not.

Okay Johnsen, you are getting a little too close to the sun there…stop it.  Gotcha.  In that case I will say, read the article anyway as it sounds like a tidal wave of advertising is coming.  Grab your fishtail, sexwax and your board shorts.

Lastly, I could not finish without “re-tweeting” Sean’s (Reilly) quote during his conference call last week, as it was truly precious on a couple levels:

“But as we look through the windshield at the road ahead we see encouraging signs”

How eloquent is that?!

And apologies for the synapse misfire as usual, but my brain immediately went to Mary Chapin Carpenter and “The Bug”.  Here’s hoping we are the windshield.


Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms.  Thank you for all you do.


Jim Johnsen


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