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Rapport and Circle Graphics Produce Smog Eating OOH Production Materials

Clean Air with OOH

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billboard with eco ad material
Cleaning the air in NYC

Clearing the Air with Rapport and Circle Graphics

Just in time for Earth Day, Rapport partnered with Circle Graphics producing environmentally friendly billboards with a substrate which ‘eats smog.’  The specially treated skins have a coating on them which cleans the air by converting greenhouse gases into harmless nitrates. It is titanium dioxide technology which uses sunlight to convert airborne pollutants primarily from cars, to non-polluting molecules.

That is as technical we are going to get on this subject today.  Want more? Contact Molly McCarthy, VP of Production, at Rapport or your Circle Graphics rep.

To learn and read more from Rapport’s Molly McCarthy, see the story from Campaign here⇒This agency is making billboards environmentally friendly




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  1. Patsy says

    Why wouldn’t every skin/vinyl(?) use this new design and material? Talk about an easy win for billboards with environmentalist!

  2. Bill Board says

    yes Ms Patsy, great question. thank you. Inquiring minds should be given the answer. We sure don’t know.
    We’ll inquire or perhaps one of our OOH printers will share insights!

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