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QR Codes + OOH: A Powerful Combination

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QR Codes + OOH: A Powerful Combination

QR Codes are a paper-based hyperlink that connects the physical world with the online world, making them an integral part of everyday life. The OOH Industry is seeing a growing trend of QR Code creatives on all media tactics including dozens of exclusive out-of-home media networks utilizing placement. QR Codes are being included on everything from Mobile Billboards to Gas Pump Toppers and Coffee Sleeves/Cups. A significant majority of advertisers are placing QR Codes on Branded Pizza Boxes.

Pairing OOH media with QR Codes can drive consumers to take immediate action and automatically trigger a range of actions on the user’s device. Many advertisers are using this cost effective way to give consumers, especially millennials, what they want. QR Codes are effective, whether it be connecting the consumer with a mobile website or landing page to allowing them to view a special offer or event information. Even non profit organizations are using QR Codes to encourage donations for charity, so it’s apparent the creative capabilities are endless.

QR Codes are not only helpful and easy to use, they also allow marketers to see how many people engage with an advertisement. In addition to their general popularity due to versatility, the onset of the pandemic has catapulted the usage of QR Codes because they are safe and hygienic. Now that advertisers have the ability to measure their media and successfully reach customers, the OOH Industry is witnessing an increase in renewal business uncovering a rising relevance of this technology in OOH campaigns.

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