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Pivot Media Raises Money for Medical Teams in NYC

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Pivot Media Raises Money to Feed Medical Teams 





Pivot Media Ventures launched a GoFundMe page to raise money going directly to feeding the brave doctors, nurses and hospital staff fighting COVID-19.  Pivot Media is primarily donating to the teams across various Montefiore Hospital locations in The Bronx, but have plans to donate to other hospitals in NYC as well.

Thus far thanks to the generous support of so many people in the OOH industry including the Pivot team members, clients from OOH media agencies, partners across the printing/installation/real estate/legal/insurance fields, friends from OOH media companies, non-industry friends and family they have raised $8,338!  Pivot Media has safely delivered 410 individually-packed delicious meals, with 100 more scheduled, and additional deliveries to be scheduled as well.  Restaurant partners to date include Elia Taverna from Bronxville NY, Smoked from Ridgewood NJ, and Neha Palace from Yonkers NY.  

The goal is to raise $10,000. They are $1,662 shy as of now- almost there and still time left to donate; every dollar helps.

While thankfully NYC has flattened the curve,  NYC hospitals are still inundated with COVID-19 patients and  healthcare workers have been fighting so tirelessly and bravely.  These meals have been greatly appreciated by them- not just to be able to get off their feet and have a terrific lunch, but also to feel the gratitude coming from their neighbors.

Good news coming from the OOH industry. Thank you for sharing this story Pivot Media! 

Here is the Go Fund Me link:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/ooh-for-nyc




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